Cash-strapped Italian Serie A club Parma will finish the 2014/15 football season after fellow sides agreed to bail them out. Both staff and players have gone unpaid for several months as the team struggles financially. The side has already been sold on two occasions this season and several of their league matches have been postponed as the club couldn’t afford to pay ground workers. However, the franchise will see out the remainder of the campaign as the rest of the Serie A clubs agreed to lend a helping hand financially. In addition, the Italian Football Federation has said it will chip in with five million euros to help them out.

Serie A president Maurizio Beretta released a media statement which confirmed that the top-tier Italian league will give Parma some financial aid. Beretta said, “The resolution was adopted confirming the willingness of the league to help Parma continue in the championship. If the club is passed over to a bankruptcy administrator on March 19, we shall intervene. We’ll decide how exactly to intervene along with the administrator.”

Not all of the 20 Serie A clubs voted to help Parma out though, as four teams didn’t support them when it came to the issue of receiving the emergency funding. If the team had failed to play their remaining fixtures this season they were to go down in the record books as 3-0 losses by default. Parma has also been struggling on the pitch this season and went into their 0-0 draw at home against Atalanta on March 8 without a win in their past five league outings. They were sitting in last place in the league with just 11 points after 24 games and were 13 points out of the league’s safety zone. The club has a grand total of three league wins on the season.