We are moving forward!

For the past year or so we have been building a model that we believe will give us a substantial edge when betting on Colossus Bets pools. After building several successful regression models in the past we tried taking them to the colossus pools way back in 2015 with very little success. What we realised is, there is more to pools betting than just predicting the outcome of events. The cash-out feature that Colossus Bets offers means that cash-out offers from Colossus can range massively depending on the selections left on your ticket. We wanted to build a model that takes the KO times (and subsequent downtime for cash-outs) and selection popularity into consideration, allowing us to get into the higher ranges of cash-out offers when they are available. The real-world probability of hitting a 15 game 1X2 is understandably low, but what if our aim was to take a bigger risk on the first five selections and select other ‘unpopular’ selections for the rest of our coupon, creating a high-range cash-out offer early into the life of the ticket? Could these variables be taken into account and modelled? That’s the big question we have been asking ourselves for the past couple of years and we believe we’re on the cusp of pools betting alchemy!

Colossus Syndicates have only added more fuel to the fire. As someone who is greatly interested in ‘social investments’ (I’m the former MD of fintech giant eToro, the social trading platform where investors can invest directly into other traders) the possibility to create bigger ticket perms and essentially sell them into the market allows us to open up our model even further. Syndicates have helped us get around the issue of precise ticket costs when betting alone, they also allow us to share our work in a transparent environment where people can gain real money! Hopefully, having an external viewing platform to judge our results on will only increase our popularity. I’m waiting for the day where I need to invest Colossus winnings back into hosting costs as our web traffic has outgrown our current servers!

We will officially start our new model on the 2nd week of August and hope to post up between 3-4 syndicates per week. We will be investing at least 30% of all our tickets but sometimes we will need to take more depending on the conditions at the time. We don’t charge anyone, we’re not a group of tipsters or affiliates who make money when you lose. We are mathematicians with a love of sport and profit.

This weekend we have one pre-season 1X2 15 match syndicate available to join. We’re playing for an £80K pool and have 4096 permutations to win! We’re the most expensive ticket vs lines currently available to invest in. The link to the ticket is;


Good luck to all!