Italian Serie A to use goal line technology

The Italian Serie A will be the next major football league to introduce goal line technology to its competition. The league will start using the technology in the 2015/16 season, which is when the German Bundesliga will also introduce it. FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio said it’s time the league joined England and Germany in using the latest technology available to make sure the right calls are made on the pitch. The English Premier League was the first major league to use the system as it was implemented at the start of the 2014/15 campaign. The system uses numerous introducing high-speed cameras which monitor the ball and can tell if it crosses the goal line.

There have been several controversial goal line instances in the Serie A this season, but these will hopefully become a thing of the past later this year. Tevecchio held a press conference regarding the issue and told the media, “This morning’s meeting began a journey that will take us to the application of goal line technology in our country during the predicted time-frame. I am convinced that its use, starting from next season, will be unavoidable.”

Many football people and fans also want the Italian league to use video replays for other aspects of the game, but at the moment the league said it will just be concentrating on goal line technology. FIFA used it for the first time in 2014 when it was used at the World Cup in Brazil. Both officials and Italian clubs have more or less supported the idea of goal line technology, but even though they’re raking in millions of dollars they’ve expressed concern about the cost and who should pay for it. However, teams could find themselves losing millions more dollars if they happen to end up being relegated due to a referee making the wrong call at the goal line.